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Yogakulam Academy

We are a family of the awakened ones, the yogis. That's what the name Yoga-Kulam stands for in Sanskrit, a ‘yogi’ is an awakened soul and ‘kulam’ means family or community. We welcome everyone to our family, students, seekers, and sages of all ages, gender, ethnicities, and regions.

Identify your calling, and your true purpose in life!

Our goal is to acquaint everyone with authentic ancient yogic wisdom. An invaluable treasure trove of knowldge and insight. Learn yoga the way it was meant to be learned in the tranquility, serenity, and beauty of nature.

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Just like family, we help each other through the transformative journey of self-discovery and enlightenment. A welcoming refuge from the outside world. You will feel at home, where you can be yourself and feel at peace!

Take on this journey that will test your limits, challenge your beliefs, and help you discover a whole new YOU!

We have a team of renowned and experienced yoga teachers. Who have a deep understanding of their subject matter and have the wealth of wisdom to share. Their passion and expertise will insipire and empower you!

Yogakulam has educated more than 3000 students till date. People from different corners of the world have come and learned from us and have become a part of our family. We have one of the finest yoga teacher training courses in the world.

We offer both online and offline courses. Our most popular course is the prenatal postnatal yoga teacher training course. We have conducted more than 100 batches for it!

The prenatal/Postnatal YTTC allows you to teach pregnant women to help them experience a stress free pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby! What better joy than to help a mother bring a beautiful life into this world.

We also offer kids yoga teacher training course that help kids become strong, flexible and sharp. Adopting a yogic lifestyle from a begining will create a healthy life for them ahead. They are the future after all.

Offline courses

200 and 300 Hrs Weekdays YTTC Bengaluru

Build a strong foundation and uncover your physical and psychic capabilities.

300 Hrs Weekdays YTTC Bengaluru

An advanced course.

200 Hrs Weekend YTTC Bengaluru

If your busy schedule is not allowing you to follow your passion. We’ve got your back!

85 Hrs Prenatal course in Bengaluru

A specialised course focused on pregnant women and nurturing the growing womb

200 Hrs YTTC in Nepal.

Land of the spiritual awakening. Immerse yourself in the heart of himalayas and liberate your soul.

200 Hrs YTTC in Kerala.

Build your foundation in the Land of ayurveda.

Online Courses

Online 85 Hrs Prenatal Course

You can now become a specialist from home. Upgrade your skills and become an expert!

Online 200 Hrs YTTC

Build your foundation with online yoga course. At your own pace and place.

Online 95 Hrs Kids yoga YTTC

Specialise in kids yoga. Upgrade your skills.

Online Nutrition Programm

Nutrition and yoga go hand in hand. learn about ayurveda with our online nutrition program.

Resolving Infertility Course.

Special infertility resolution course with yoga.

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