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Yogakulam Academy is an abode of ancient yogic wisdom encapsulated in scenic landscapes. Anyone at our doorstep will feel the air of good vibes and the sight of yoga at its best. Kulam in Sanskrit is cognate with family or community.

As our name denotes Yogakulam Academy is a family of the awakened ones, the Yogi's. It is a community that welcomes anyone from anywhere. Yogakulam Academy is home for students, sages and seekers from all ages, ethnicities, religions, and genders.

We all blend in to help each other in finding their true consciousness. Yogakulam Academy is a place where you will feel belonged. Yogakulam Academy is blessed with the presence of renowned Yoga Teachers with enormous wisdom and experience.

Every year we proudly educate hundreds of yoga students from various parts of the world. If you are looking for authentic yoga learning, look no further. Yogakulam Academy offers the finest yoga teacher training courses in the world.

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