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95 Hours Online Kids Yoga TTC

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Total Days:
September Batch :

Evening :15-09-23 to 07-10-23
Time: 6pm to 8pm

October Batch :

Evening :15-09-23 to 07-10-23
Time: 6pm to 8pm

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95 Hours Online Kids Yoga TTC Curriculum details

Curriculum Details

Module 1 - Kids Yoga Foundation & Yoga for Little ones (3-8 Yrs Old) In this module, we will start by preparing you to work with the children by supporting you to understand the foundation of yoga & key principles of teaching kids yoga We will prepare you to work with children by making you understand development stages of brain & body & children behaviour & learning capabilities.

Our big focus of module 1 is to learn age wise teaching methodology to ensure you always have a fun, engaging & interactive kids yoga class both in person & online that help kids with their physical, emotional & mental well-being through yoga, meditation & mindfulness You will also learn creative ways of practising yoga, breathing, meditation & mindfulness with kids through stories, yoga games, yoga themes that's fun, safe & meaningful for each of the age groups.

Kids Yoga TTC

Course Details

Kids Yoga TTC
  • Why Yoga for Kids & Benefits
  • How to Explain Yoga to Kids
  • Key commandments of Kids Yoga
  • Kids Yoga Foundation for 3-8 Yrs Old
  • Yoga Games & How to make yoga fun for Kids
  • Techniques for Kids to hold the yoga poses for longer duration
  • Online Kids Yoga Tips & Techniques for engaging Kids
  • Techniques for Teaching Relaxation, Mindfulness & Meditation
  • Guided Visualisation & how to write visualisation scripts
  • Development stages of brain & body & agewise Teaching Techniques to Kids age group 3-8 Yrs Old
  • Creative Warm-ups & Breathing Practices I Teaching Kids Right approach for breathing
  • Creative Ways of Practising Yoga Poses -Yoga Stories, Yoga Themes & Yoga Journeys,Partner Yoga
  • Class Management & Positive behaviour management strategiesClass Structure & Building Lesson Plans
  • Partner Yoga & Family Yoga Class
  • Module 1 Presentation

Module 2 Tweenies & Teens

Tween & Teen years are a special phase where children are going through many changes on physical, mental & emotional levels. They are the in-between phase of being a child who was so protected to a teenager who wants to explore this outside world now. There is always self-doubt, whether this is right or wrong, whether I should do and take a risk or play safe. They are trying to find their own answers , own identity and trying to accept themselves

In module 2, we will learn to use tools of yoga, breathing techniques, meditation , to support Tweens & Teens in self-awareness & self-regulation, giving them the ability and power to understand themselves, to release emotions, anxiety and bring themselves back to a place of stillness, calm and control.

Let us provide them through yoga postures, breathing, and relaxation, a tool kit to support and manage life's challenges that will enhance their spiritual, mental, and emotional journey in their growing years.


  • Teaching Techniques for Yoga to Tweens & Teens
  • Creating yoga sequences that are engaging, appropriate and empowering for tweens & teens
  • How to make yoga and meditation fun and interesting to tweens and teens
  • Teaching tools of yoga, breathing techniques, meditation and mindfulness that they can bring in their lifestyle to manage their physical, emotional & mental well-being Managing Anxiety & Stress with Yoga

Module 3 Teaching Yoga Philosophy to Kids

In this module, we will teach you how to introduce yoga philosophies, 8 limbs of Yoga (Yamas, Niyamas etc), mudras, mantras in a creative and relevant way that kids can understand and connect with. We will also learn about the Chakra System (the energetic body), and how this is relevant and beneficial to children and teens


  • Approach for Yamas & Niyamas for Kids & activities
  • Mantras & Kids Songs & Chakras & Mudras
Kids Yoga TTC

Module 4 - Anatomy for Kids Yoga

Learn basic human anatomy for Kids that you can apply to your classes for safe yoga practice. Learn development stages of the brain & body for each age group to have meaningful yoga practices. Essential alignments for Kids Yoga


  • Anatomy Basics
  • Developmental Stage for each age group
  • Bodily Systems
  • Essential Alignments

Module 5 -The Business of Kids Yoga

The Business of Kids Yoga, will prepare you to set up your own kids yoga classes and business by giving you practical tips and strategies to get clear and get started on your planning, promotion and marketing of your classes with ease.


  • Kids Yoga Business -How to set up Kids Yoga Business
  • Marketing tips for offline & online platforms


The Business of Kids Yoga, will prepare you to set up your own kids yoga classes and business by giving you practical tips and strategies to get clear and get started on your planning, promotion and marketing of your classes with ease.


  • A Yoga Alliance certification as a Registered Children's Yoga Teacher (RCYT 95-Hours) upon full completion of the online teacher training
  • Ebook Manual (120 Pages)-Comprehensive Guide for all Kids Yoga Teachers
  • Free access to online content for next 2 Years on BlissYogaSG platform
    1. Lesson Plan ideas
    2. Lesson plan structure for engaging,creative & holistic classes
    3. Creative Meditation & Mindfulness videos
    4. Guided meditation scripts so that you can easily start leading meditations right away
    5. Yoga Games ideas
    6. Live recorded Kids Yoga classes & workshops
  • Recordings of all classes so that you can continue your learning & growth by returning at any point on any device
  • Access to over 50 Yoga poses library the names in English and Sanskrit, & kid friendly names how to teach them right away, the benefits, how to adapt them in different yoga themes so even if you don’t know any poses, you’ll learn yoga poses and how to creatively teach them to all ages
  • An interactive members area where you can seek advice and ask questions, knowing that you'll get support from Parul always
  • Knowledge & Motivation to to become a confident Kids Yoga teacher so you can instantly start your kids yoga journey

About BlissYogaSG 95 Hours Kids Yoga Teacher’s Training

BlissYogaSg Kids Yoga Teacher’s Training includes all elements of Fun, Education & Creativity in teaching yoga to kids. Students will learn to help kids manage their physical, emotional & mental wellbeing through Yoga postures, Creative breathing practices, Mindfulness & Meditation.

In this training, you will learn to teach Yoga to Kids through a creative & interactive format. You will learn all important tools of teaching Yoga Postures, Breathing & Relaxation with :

  1. Creative & Traditional Breathing practices
  2. Teaching Techniques for different age groups (3-18 Yrs old)
  3. Kid-Friendly Yoga Postures & Benefits
  4. Yoga stories & Yoga Games
  5. Use of Props
  6. Mindfulness, Meditation & Relaxation techniques for Kids & Teens
  7. Online kids Yoga preparation & Tips
  8. Yoga Philosophies & how can you teach to kids
  9. Chakras & Mudras-Approach for kids
  10. Anatomy for Kids Yoga
  11. Class Structure & Class Management
  12. Group Discussion & Assignment
  13. Sample Lesson Plans & preparing your own lesson plans
  14. Kids Yoga Business & Digital Marketing

Overall this holistic training, teachers will equip themselves with all important tools, tricks & techniques of Yoga to make them a confident Kids Yoga teacher

Certified Yoga Alliance Teacher Training

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  • Early bird USD $750
  • Yoga Alliance Certification
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